New Products for 2024

We have several new products, introduced last year, that will now be regular items.

  • The Reaper BBQ Sauce – same great Southern BBQ taste with the added zing of Carolina Reaper Hot Peppers! A new favorite!
  • Death Spiral Hellfire Garlic Sauce – a huge hit with customer this summer. Double the peppers, four times the garlic .. oh so much flavor .. and really Hot!
  • Three new Spice Mixes: BBQ Rub, One Rub & Spicy Garlic Mix
    • BBQ Rub – Our take on the classic Southern Rubs we grew up on, with some added Hot Pepper to make it sizzle!
    • One Rub – Starts as a traditional rub, then we add Allspice, Oregano, Thyme & Cinnamon and our Hot Peppers for a great all-purpose rub!
    • Spicy Garlic Mix – A simple mix of Garlic, Italian Seasoning, Salt, Pepper and our Hot Pepper that is good on everything.  The best Garlic Bread!

We’ll have these at our upcoming Holiday Markets, and online all winter. Check out the website for more great things!

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